Every morning, rain or shine, a group of residents meets for coffee, snacks, and conversation at Inland Christian Home. There is nothing formal about the group, though. In fact, it is a very casual affair. Yet it is a tradition that goes back years and, for some, is the key to staying active.

Several decades ago, a group of Inland staff members began taking their morning breaks in the gazebo. Soon after, they were joined by residents who enjoyed the camaraderie and lively discussions that occurred. As Inland grew and staff schedules began to vary, the staff members began to dwindle but the residents remained, becoming the morning coffee group that now meets each morning at 10 a.m.

This daily meeting gives residents, both old and new, a connection with their community and a chance to socialize, maintain old friendships, and build new ones. This social interaction is important for seniors, as they often experience loneliness and social isolation – especially when they are new to a senior community or have lost a spouse. Finding a group of individuals to spend time with, whether telling jokes, sharing personal stories, or discussing current events, helps them overcome loneliness, stay active, and enjoy a sense of community and belonging.

The group is open to everyone, even those who don’t already live on campus are welcome to join – and often do. This not only lets residents keep in touch with friends who don’t reside on campus but also gives potential future residents a chance to familiarize themselves with the campus and those who reside there. This allows them to have an established social network and sense of community when they do move in. In fact, many people who originally came to the coffee group to visit residents are now residents themselves.

On warm, sunny days the coffee group can be found relaxing on the patio outside of the Assisted Living Dining Room, while rainy days find them indoors, enjoying the warmth of the dining room. Coffee and snacks are provided courtesy of Inland Christian Home’s dining services.

There is no requirement or permission needed to join, everyone is welcome. If you would like to join the group for some conversation and coffee, simply make your way to the patio (or dining room if it is raining!) and introduce yourself. To learn more, give us a call at (909) 983-0084.