If you are helping your aging family member make the move to a senior living community, you want the absolute best senior living facility for them. This means finding somewhere that is not simply a place to live, but a true home – one where they can enjoy their retirement years in a fulfilling and exciting way. Furthermore, you must also seek a community that makes the safety of its residents a top priority. This means that it should have systems and structures in place to ensure that their health and wellbeing remain fully uncompromised. Safe senior living isn’t a luxury, it is the standard.

When you are researching potential retirement homes, there are a few things to look for to ensure that their safety protocols are up to par. Some of these you can find on their website or inquire about on the phone. However, sometimes taking an in-person tour can be the best way to draw your conclusion and make a final decision. Below are a few ways that leading senior communities are keeping their residents safe, both day and night.


Proper Lighting

Although it is often overlooked as a safety feature, proper lighting is integral in operating a safe community. Residents must be able to see where they are going, especially those who may experience mobility-related challenges. Good lighting also allows staff members to keep an eye on the day-to-day things that happen in the facility and respond promptly when needed.

Some communities miss the mark by employing dimmer lighting for an ambiance that sacrifices safety. Others go overboard, bathing every square inch with unflattering and abrasive fluorescent light. Look for a community that uses modern LED fixtures that make lighting bright yet still pleasant on the eyes.


Safe Senior Living Includes Facility Access Rules

One of the many things that makes life at the right senior living option so vibrant is the opportunity for visits from family and friends. These visits help make a retirement home into a true community.

However, in the interest of safety, this does not mean that anybody should be able to enter a senior living campus as they please. This would create many risks, legal, physical and otherwise. Look for a community with a card access system and security hardware at its entrances. This ensures that trusted staff members can come and go as they please, and approved visitors can be granted access remotely without the risk of unwanted guests.


Health Protocols and Preventing the Spread of Illness in Senior Living Facilities

In today’s day and age, it is critical that seniors live in a safe environment that places a large focus on protecting them against preventable illnesses. Be sure to seek a community that uses above-and-beyond cleaning and sanitation protocols to prevent the accumulation and transmission of undesirable particles. Also, be sure they pay proper mind to other safety measures like staff and visitor screening, as well as capacity guidelines for dining rooms.

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