When Inland Christian Home residents first began asking for outdoor dining, planning got underway, but with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to offer a safe space for friends, neighbors, and families to gather became a pressing need.

Thankfully, Inland had the ideal space to bring this plan to fruition. In 2021, construction got underway on the grassy area adjacent to the Assisted Living dining room, creating a warm and welcoming patio that offers the chance for diners to relax and enjoy companionship and a shared meal in the fresh air.

An April opening for this beautiful space is the perfect way to welcome spring with new beginnings and new experiences. The space is complete with comfortable tables and chairs, a fire pit, and access to Inland’s wonderful food and dining staff. Wooden windscreens along the sides and shade sails strung across the top of the space in beautiful shades of Inland Christian Home’s signature colors let in light and fresh air while shielding diners from the elements.

With seating for up to thirty-two guests, there is plenty of room for groups of various sizes to enjoy a cozy meal or a small gathering. The patio is wheelchair accessible and can be accessed from either the outside or from inside the Assisted Living dining room. Tables can be easily reserved by contacting reception. The patio will feature coffee service every morning at 10:00 am and will be a wonderful addition to daily life at Inland Christian Home.