Each fall Inland Christian Home launches its Annual Fund Drive to raise funds to support the facility and each year, we are blessed by the generosity of our supporters. The 2022 Annual Fund Drive began on November 15th and ran until the end of January with a goal to raise $150,000.

Thanks to His Grace and the incredible support of our generous donors, we were able to raise $184,160!

Donors were able to choose from three different funds to donate their contributions to: the Care Fund, the Foundation Fund, and the Building Fund. The Care Fund provides assistance to those who are unable to afford the full cost of senior care and allows residents in need to apply for a rent reduction. This program was established years ago because, at ICH, we believe that everyone deserves access to quality care.

The Building Fund is used to finance facility upgrades to keep up with the ever-changing needs of seniors. Instead of using these funds for routine maintenance projects, these donations go toward special projects throughout the year, both big and small.

This year’s Building Fund donations will be used for projects such as redecorating the Friendship Center and creating a designated fitness center space for residents. These funds will also be used as we move forward with our long-range plans that include a new lobby, dining room, and front parking lot.

Donations to the Foundation Fund are invested, and the income resulting from that investment is donated back to the facility to support the budget and reduce the cost of operations. This results in a reduced cost of care and living for our residents.

As with previous fund drives, donors were also able to make unspecified donations without choosing a specific fund for their contributions. This year, the Board of Directors chose to combine those unspecified funds with the Building Fund.

One of Inland's new properties

Donations of any amount are appreciated and can be made all year long—there is no need to wait until next fall to make a contribution. Anyone interested in making a donation can simply stop by the facility to make their gift in person or click here to visit the donation page on our website.

The Annual Fund Drive has been a long-standing tradition for Inland Christian Home and the fact that we receive such a strong outpouring of support year after year is a testament to the service and the quality care we provide. This is especially true in light of the financially difficult year we all faced in 2022. Each and every individual who took the time to think of ICH through their prayers and their generous donations is very much appreciated by the facility and the residents it serves.